About me

From the earliest age, I wanted to be a teacher. Happily, I was able to devote 23 years of my life to that endeavor, earning my teaching credential, master’s degree, and National Board Certification while teaching in San Clemente and Palo Alto, California. During my time in the classroom, I worked with many students who struggled with organization, time management, study skills, and goal-setting, as well as those dealing with ADHD and executive functioning challenges. I came to realize that generalized plans for keeping supplies organized, getting homework turned in on time, or creating schedules and plans for long term projects and tests didn’t work for all students. For many, their particular way of working and seeing the world demanded specialized systems geared toward their unique ways of thinking.

As I left my classroom teaching career and turned toward Academic and Life Skills Coaching, I was thrilled to combine my years of teaching experience with the skills I have learned as a coach. Working with students one-on-one allows me to spend time getting to know each student and figuring out how he or she thinks and works. Developing personalized strategies with students is at the core of what I do. I love seeing students gain confidence in their own abilities as we work together to tackle challenges. Ultimately, students learn that they can take control of their own lives and be successful.   

M.A. Education, Stanford , JST Coach, Associate Certified Academic Life Coach
M.A. Education, Stanford , JST Coach, Associate Certified Academic Life Coach