Academic and Life Skills Coaching

Students today are as busy as ever. Between school, homework, sports, clubs, music lessons, volunteer work, and all the demands on their time, it is not surprising that children are feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. If you add to that parents who are also stretched thin with their own busy lives, helping students develop these important, life-long skills can be a challenge. 

As an Academic and Life Skills Coach and former teacher, I love working with students to create systems and strategies that will not only help them at school but will serve them well throughout their lives. Ultimately, the goal is for students to feel confident knowing they have the necessary skills to find solutions when problems arise. The sense of accomplishment and independence that ensues can be life changing.



Possible areas to address in Academic and Life Skills Coaching include

  • Being disorganized – backpack/binders/room/desk are a mess
  • Being forgetful – homework/appointments/tasks/school materials are often forgotten
  • ​Not getting enough sleep​
  • Having problems getting started on homework, tasks, or activities
  • Having problems completing homework, tasks, or activities
  • Not being able to prioritize what to work on first
  • Not knowing how to break down long-term assignments or projects
  • Having trouble focusing, being easily distracted, or becoming easily bored
  • Leaving work to the last minute and feeling rushed
  • Not knowing how to study for a test
  • Not turning in homework
  • Struggling to follow instructions or routines
  • Being late to appointments or class


It all starts with a phone call or email from you. You can share your concerns and goals, and I can explain to you how I work with students. The initial intake is a stand-alone process, which involves parent and student questionnaires as well as an in-person intake session. This meeting allows us time to get to know each other and for all involved to better understand how coaching works. Following our intake session, we will decide together if the coaching process is a good fit for your child.  

For those willing and interested in moving forward with Academic and Life Skills Coaching, I ask for a commitment of at least 10 coaching sessions to guarantee enough time for students to find strategies that work and begin to establish habits around using them. Throughout the process, students are in charge of determining their goals and deciding which strategies work best for them.  

Call or email me so we can get started right away!