Testimonials from Parents and Students

"Diane has a gift for building rapport with teens. Getting a teenage boy to organize his stuff and create a plan is a feat. Not only did my 15-year-old son NOT complain about doing this work with Diane - he actually enjoyed it. The day Diane came over to help him organize his paper and work space, I didn’t hear grunts or stone silence (which you might expect), I heard laughing. LAUGHING. It made me smile and feel grateful, and I would hire Diane again in a heartbeat."     

 - 10th grade parent 


"Not only has Diane taught me skills like time management, organization, and good study habits, but also she has guided me in dealing with anxiety and realizing my potential in school. By having these skills and understanding how I learn best, I have been able to turn my focus to learning without the stress of procrastinating and not understanding assignments. I know these factors are crucial for my academic success, and I am excited to work on mastering them." 

- 9th grade student 


"In working with Diane, my son has significantly improved in his ability to focus, organize himself, and get things done. His grades have really improved, and he has gained much needed self-confidence as a result. Thank you, Diane, for everything you have done."      

- 6th grade parent 

 "Diane is an A+ player who will help your children reach their full potential by exploring organizational strategies that fit them best. I reached out to Diane for my 9th grader because though capable, he was earning D's and F's by failing to turn in his work. Diane interviewed each of us in detail and then started helping my son implement new strategies and systems. Now he is earning A's and B's 100% independently. I have been so happy with how Diane "coaches" her clients to self-sufficiency that I have engaged her for my 8th grader. When my third child is ready, I hope Diane will have room for him, too!"     

 - 8th and 9th grade parent​  


"The biggest takeaway I had from Diane was how she made it easier for me to plan. I used to think it was some long hard process, but she showed me that as long as you can estimate how much time something will take, you can easily make a plan for it. Also, she taught me if you write everything down, it becomes much easier to remember and to study. Now it’s a habit."                        

 - 10th grade student 

"Diane has been beneficial to our son and family in many ways. Not only has she helped our son with executive function organizational skills, she has helped to reduce the pressure we feel as parents to ensure he is organized and planning his academic calendar proactively. His confidence has improved as well as his grades."

- 12th grade parent


"Diane taught me how to manage my time the right way, and I I’ve benefitted from it a ton! Instead of wasting precious hours, I am doing homework earlier, writing in my planner so I know what is ahead, and preparing for tests and quizzes. All of this has helped me be a lot less stressed!"      

- 8th grade student 


"Since Diane has been working with my daughter, she has excelled in her organization skills on an academic and personal level. Diane’s guidance has been a priceless and irreplaceable part in our lives. I highly recommend Diane and her services."                    

- 11th grade parent